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No pants or pants tsunade by archangemon
oh yes i did by archangemon
bring it by archangemon
wonder wedgie by archangemon
-_- by archangemon
1 Character doing what ever you want NO COMIC BOOK PAGES
just a bunch of wedgies by archangemon
total drama pantsing by archangemon
3 characters doing what ever NO COMIC BOOK PAGES.
rouge the bat is butt in danger by archangemon
wedgie school 101 the test are in and done by archangemon
were is the reff when you need one by archangemon

4 characters maximum 

every thing goes for five bucks, from comic book page to XXX RATED what evers for one week only pick your poison


Any other stuff can be talked about, trough note.

winner of the poll is kurenai?! by archangemon

yeah dont ask i just needed to do something for the poll, anime won and i picked a favorite character of mine who was never used for any thing.

any hut i saw the comments on the last journal and i now know what i need to send out so i  will be scanning and sending stuff in the next couple of days, currently working on a Betty Veronica battle comic which i think i will be allowed to sell on selfy i think the commissioner said something like that i think i dont know i forget things easily i am not smart. 


LADIES WEARING DIAPERS : Okay this i feel i should say for all to see to avoid any more notes, i have reply to those notes individually and will not mention names. But it seems there this misunderstanding that i like "DIAPER GIRLS" and it stems from me apparently being a  co-founder in a group called ChunLi-Diapered, i thought i was a contributor but it seem i was wrong, meh what ever i dont care, but i do care when is when Many people  come to my page and then when they see no diaper pictures and  send a rude note about the lack of Diaper girls. 

Which brings me to the annoying bit, if i do more girls wearing diapers thing they will be hosted at the group were i am a co-founded i guess 0_o still confused about that part but back on point,  so u will see them there, no need to spam me with complains which will lead to me being annoyed and just being done with it and never drawing that stuff again. rude  notes annoyed me  Grump 

Look Guys and Gals Just because i draw FETISHES does not mean i am into them, or that i am going to switch gears into spamming pic after pic of girls wearing diapers, i pride miself into drawing almost any thing that is requested of me, i try to have an open mind and i try not to judge. but that does not mean i am into the fetish stuff i draw. 

SAY WHAT? your not into the stuff you draw?! the fetish aspect does little  for me, but the other aspects of what individuals come up with is surprisingly challenging to do and as such i find it extremely enjoyable and fun to draw, the stuff individuals come up with the inventive ways to wedgie some one or to splosh some one or to mind control some one, that is what fuels me to draw what they imagine. its so awesome to bring some one is idea to life, to be able to make some one is idea his words his imagination into something that is physical is just an amazing feeling that is why i draw, its not because i find it erotic or sexual its just the notion the knowing that i am drawing for some one what they imagine makes my day, i might not always get it right but i give it my best shot dammit  CURSE YOU!  

so please stop with the rude notes Sweating a little... 

Also they tell me NARUTO IS OVER and i am getting a whole bunch of request to do art work for the SAKURAXNARUTO side and for the HINATAXNARUTO SIDE imma say this once and only once, NARUTO BELONGS WITH TENTEN MOFOS ! XP LOL no but seriously i dont want any shit storming at my doors meaning no notes filled with nothing but shit u can comment and pick fights with whom ever you chosee and comment what ever u wants its ur right to do so just dont be coming to me to do any thing about it, I recently did a BEASTBOYXRAVEN picture X RATED MIND YOU which broke my sould cuz as u know i am a FIRM RARO supported RAVENXROBIN but i did the picture because WHY NOT they wanted to see there pairing doing something kinkay so i drew it because who am i to say nay on there pics?

i am but a humble deviant whore peddling my wares here on deviant :3

So keep that in mind when you see a HINATAXNARUTO PIC and then you see a SAKURAXNARUTO PIC cuz i know this shit can get crazy so fair warning to all 

and to be quite honest i would prefer if i could see some HINATAXSAKURA action if you know what i mean wink wink nudge nudge get my drift? i think you do, i mean doing the macarena, the labada the chichachinga! IMMA TALKING BOUT S-E-X BABAY!!!

Any hut new poll down below check it out vote and leave a comment 
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18 deviants said YES
14 deviants said NO
8 deviants said FROGER IS AWESOME!
8 deviants said SPACE INVADERS MOFO !!!
7 deviants said YOU STILL ON ABOUT THAT?


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preceptorexe Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Am I alow to make a requset?
archangemon Featured By Owner 2 days ago
what u need sonny jim :3
preceptorexe Featured By Owner 2 days ago
A Megaman Battle Network picture of Megaman.exe giving Roll.exe and spanking
Picgirls01 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Man, i am so close to getting the money to make commissions, I'm biting at the bit. I hope you can draw plenty of anthro-man because I'm commissioning wereworld pics. Speaking of which, how much for 2 person pics. I don't want to pay for 3 when I want 2 you know.
archangemon Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
anthro-man wearefwolfs that is going to be though i shall try to not disapoint :D for 2 dudes in one pic add 20 points to the 100 one and were good :3
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